28/7- us.

Piharavaa- beloved A 2 and a 24 and a 730- it feels so old yet so new. It's so close, yet so distant. From crawling and reaching out to the other side of the bed, to crawling and answering the wake up calls. All anew, but all the same. Us the same. Distance, feuds; nothing … Continue reading 28/7- us.

One day tripping- In and Around Ramanagara, Karnataka

Ramanagara city entrance, NH 275 Ramanagara If you are in Bangalore, Mysore or any adjoining city, then Ramanagara(The Silk City of India) is a must-visit place. The alluring places in and around the city doesn't take much but just a day's time to drop round. It is around 50 kms from Bangalore and 93 kms … Continue reading One day tripping- In and Around Ramanagara, Karnataka

Mysore and its Royal Dussehra

The Dasara decorated Mysore Palace Being resided in the city of Bengaluru, we specifically made our decision to experience the royal Dasara/Dussehra celebration in Mysore city which is 145 km from Bengaluru. Dasara is a 10-day festival in the region culminating on Vijayadashami or tenth day. The day marks the successful conclusion of the preceding … Continue reading Mysore and its Royal Dussehra


Candor faces- (Cherrapunji/Sohra, Meghalaya) When we see mere faces, and not accustomed conditions. Where they are fighting their demons in poverty, paucity, aridity, sparsity, cognitive catastrophe and destitution. For them, everything just turns monochrome except for what they live on or when the irony strikes, they live 'for'; the corn they sell, the holed umbrellas … Continue reading Plights.

A friend unseen is not a friend untouched.

This is actually to a platonic friend, the bondage with whom happens mostly in the networked course of action. The virtual field ain't that bad enough, right? As the kind of person myself, I always find it better conversing in-texts and speaking through the letters. About this friend though, she's an assclown kinda person and … Continue reading A friend unseen is not a friend untouched.